Run SAP applications smarter

Set up SAP infrastructure in Public Cloud with best practices for infrastructure

The cloud promises great flexibility, cost reductions and unmatched availability. Using infrastructure solutions provided by Public Cloud provides many opportunities to achieve these goals but also has challenges that are necessary to consider. Datalounges advisory services help you optimize costs, protect data and keep SAP cloud deployments under control.

Optimize subscriptions with bring-your-own subscriptions

Moving SAP workloads to Public Cloud offers many opportunities to take advantage of flexibility provided by the on demand infrastructure. This includes server capacity and Linux subscriptions required to run SAP workloads. Benefits of pay-as-you-go models are significant in early stages of deployment, but as systems stabilize Linux vendors offer competitive options to access support and maintenance for the infrastructure. Datalounges provides advisory services that enable you to optimize yoyur subscriptions and services to match the requirements of your business infrastructure.